Solutions for Planning, Optimization, Asset Monitoring and Control...

Solutions for Planning, Optimization, Asset Monitoring and Control...

Organize your daily work

Control your routes and stops

Analyze the results

Customer Map & Work Areas

Custom sensors and peripherals

Expenses and fuel consumption

Tailored Alerts

Integration with Garmin devices

Logistics Optimization Solutions
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  • Organize your
    daily work

    We have solutions for route optimization and load balancing work forecasting logistics.

    Automatic integration with our GPS system can monitor the real-time work planned and predict arrival times of each delivery. In turn, you can collate planning vs. reality

  • Control your
    routes and stops

    Either by using our Work Planner or by integrating with the information from your planning software, with QuadTrucks you can see on a satellite map all the past stops and those that still remain to be completed. The system is completely automatic and uses information from our GPS/GPRS devices. It doesn'r require any interaction from the driver, while allowing measurement of delays and total times.

  • Analyze the

    Our powerful integrated platform, QuadTrucks, builds reports, statistics and logistic efficiency indicators (KPIs) automatically.

    Know how many miles were driven and average customer arrival times, daily work or even logistic cost indicators by route, stop or driver.

  • Customer Map
    & Work Areas

    QuadMinds provides you with fast and easy to use tools to precisely geocode your customers.

    If you work with delimited geographic areas, we offer interactive and simple tools to draw them and balance your customers contained inside them appropiately. With these tools, now it's much easier to organize and optimize your work.

  • Custom sensors
    and peripherals

    With QuadTrucks you can integrate a wide range of sensors to control variables like:
    - Refrigerated truck temperature
    - Revolutions per minute (RPM)
    - Opening and closing of doors
    - Fuel pump circuit breaker
    - And many more...

  • Expenses and fuel

    With QuadTrucks you also get the tools for vehicle service control, maintenance alerts and fuel consumption all in the same place.

    Have a virtual assistant to let you know in advance of scheduled maintenance events and measure deviations in fuel consumption.

  • Tailored

    With QuadMinds you'll be able to configure the types of alerts that you want to receive from each vehicle.
    From notices about delays at customers' locations, speed limit violations or customer visits, to engine ignition.
    The alerts can be set and configured by yourself, without having to ask us to set them up for you. You can get them on your e-mail inbox or via SMS.

  • Integration with
    Garmin devices

    With QuadTrucks you can wirelessly send a list of stops or delivery points to a Garmin device, a customized screen with buttons for driver input, or a mobile phone using our QuadPhones App.

    Our tools alert the driver as he is approaching the next stop about actions that need to be performed, and request a response that is stored in our system for you to see inmediately.

Your phones' location and usage

Send tasks to employees

Analyze the performance of your work

Get Coverage Reports

Check call details

Instant Messaging

Full compatibility

Tools to make the best use of your mobile phones
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  • Get your phones'
    location and usage

    Download our QuadPhones App to your mobile phones, and then get the phone's current position, battery usage, calls and stored contacts right on our web application.

    QuadPhone runs on the background without being easily detected, cannot be uninstalled and doesn't affect the phone's operation.

  • Send tasks to
    your employees

    With QuadPhones it's very easy to organize the tasks that your employees need to perform.
    Access our web application, set the daily route points and the tasks that need to be completed on each of them, and then send them to their mobile phones.
    QuadMinds will automatically let you know when they arrived at each point and the tasks that were performed.

  • Analyze the
    performance of your work

    QuadPhones gives you a wide array of reports and statistics to analyze the efficiency of planned vs. actual work done.

    Follow the daily advance of tasks on a map, know at which time they arrived at each point and get completion rates for each employee.

  • Get coverage reports

    With QuadPhones you can easily get how many hours an employee spent inside their designated geographical areas.

    You'll be able to know at which time they entered and departed their assigned work areas, how much time they spent inside of them and the completion rate of assigned tasks.

  • Check
    call details

    QuadPhones is a powerful tool to monitor your phone's calls.

    You can get the number, location and duration of incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Aggregate them by day, week and month, and correlate them with all the phones in your fleet.

  • Instant

    With QuadPhones you can be in touch with your work team. From our web application you can send instant messages to any mobile phone in your fleet, and get instant delivery, read and reply reports, all in the same place.

  • Full compatibility

    We developed our applications to be compatible with a wide array of phones: Android, Symbian and Java ME.

    At the same time, all our apps run in protected environments that don't allow uninstallation by the end user.

Watch your cameras anywhere

Do you need to control your office?

Recording in the Cloud

Security system

Integrated with our platform

Simple Solutions in Video Surveillance
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  • Watch your
    cameras anywhere

    Watch your cameras from any tablet or smartphones in a quick and simple manner. We take care of setting up all your video monitoring system so you can access it easily and without any complications.

  • Do you need to
    control your office?

    With QuadVision you can have your vehicles, mobile phones and cameras all integrated in the same place.

  • Recording in
    the cloud

    Have a backup of your recordings in the cloud and get peace of mind that you will always have the recording that you need at the time that you need it.

  • Security

    QuadVision is your best choice. Cutting edge IP cameras and highly trained installers so that you get the best result possible.

  • Integrated with
    our platform

    Integrate it with our platform, QuadMinds' crew will make sure that your investment doesn't lose its value over time.

  • All in the Cloud

    Forget about maintaining equipment and software. Our system is 100%% web based. Just open your browser and watch it from anywhere.

  • Don't have a computer nearby?

    QuadMinds developed a mobile version of our web application tailored for smartphones and tablets so you can access it when and where you need it.

  • Online Support

    QuadMinds offers you a simple and secure way to contact our support team with an integrated issue tracking system to give you instant answers to any of your questions.

  • Availability Guaranteed

    We have a geographically distributed network of servers located in top tier datacenters so you can rest assured that you'll always be able to access our system.

  • Constant innovation

    Our team is continously innovating and you will get all the latest updates to our system without having to pay or perform upgrades. All the improvements are always available instantly to all our customers without any charge.

  • All in one place

    Our platform allows us to integrate all our products. Vehicles, mobile phones and cameras with all their alerts, indicators and statistics in the same place. Simple.

  • Speed

    Access speed is a top priority for QuadMinds. That is why we only use cutting edge, high performance equipment coupled with the latest in data handling technology. Because we know that your time is valuable.

  • The Company

    QuadMinds is a company dedicated to designing and developing monitoring and control systems for industries, homes and vehicles.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to develop technology for planning, monitoring and controlling fixed and mobile assets.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be a strategic ally and provider of services and technologies to help optimize and tidy up our customers' operations.

  • Press and Awards

    QuadMinds won several entrepreneurship awards during it's early stages. We were featured several times in the local media.

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