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The most complete route optimization software to organize your deliveries

More than 500 companies in Latin America and Spain use QuadMinds to gain operational efficiency, reduce planning times, find the best delivery route, and send notifications on the status of deliveries.

Save 85%

in planning times

22% reduction

in costs associated with transportation

Improve 6%

in service levels in channels

The most complete platform in the market

Integrable and adaptable to each stage of the business. It allows to increase the profitability and competitiveness of the company.

and trustworthy

Intuitive and easy
to implement

with any ERP

It integrates with
different sensors

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Lower costs

Balancing fleet usage

Increase visibility

of the operation

Optimized routes

Optimize routes

to improve the level of service

Improve customer experience

with real-time data

Lets decide

from reliable data

Delivery Map


Solution for small and medium businesses.

Solution for large companies.

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