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Environment Services

Enviroment companies choose the QuadMinds platform to:

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Optimized routes

Optimize collection

routes (Fixed, Dynamic)

Monitor the collection


Dar visibilidad

Visibility and transparency

on all forms of collection

RFID Technology and Sensors

for service reading

Traceability of industrial

and urban containers

Field staff

task control

Know what you can do with the QuadMinds platform, to improve efficiency and ensure the level of service:

What benefits can the company get?


Integration with ERPs

Integrate information or extract data automatically through API

Optimización de rutas Background

Route optimization

The route optimizer achieves improving your daily planning in just a couple of seconds. It is ideal for your own fleet, third party, or mixed.

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Lower driven distances

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Increase amount of visits

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Save kilometers/miles

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Lower delivery times

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Improve customer satisfaction


Apps for the team

Maximizing team efficiency and allowing for:

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Route scheduling with deliveries and tasks for the work team

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Track activity completion

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Gather insights on your operation


Tracking and positioning

Complete visibility over your business, enabling to see what's going on with your fleet when they are dispatched.

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Real-time fleet tracking

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Individual trip history

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Real-time activity notifications

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Data overlap: customer location, order deliveries.


Driver performance

Driver efficiency analysis through information based on stored historics

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