More Features

A Logistics Platform that is  

Adaptable to the processes of each business.

Complete solutions for every stage

Source data

Integration with ERPs

Integrate information or extract data automatically through API

Integration and document import

Upload spreadsheets manually or integrate a data flow through API

Manage customers

Pin customers on the map and add their type of activity

Opening Hours

Executive associated to customer

Customer status, among other variables



Route optimization

The route optimizer achieves improving your daily planning in just a couple of seconds. It is ideal for your own fleet, third party, or mixed

Lower driven distances

Increase amount of visits

Save kilometers/miles

Lower delivery times

Improve customer satisfaction


Optimization variables

Automatic route generation and driver assignation, according to different variables.

Number of clients to visit and distance between points

Fleet availability and location

Fleet carrying capacity

Transit states

Working days

KMs to cover

Creation of delivery geofences

Manage and draw geofences: per sales executive, customer type, or visit frequency. Creating new geofences will let you configure alerts and get better data.

Points of delivery routes

If your company has a field team, you can organize your daily routes through Route Optimization. We've got you covered with Apps for both drivers and workers alike.

Fleet administration

Manage all of your fleet's information from a single place, carrying a deep registry consisting of fuel consumption, mileage, maintenance, as well as driver and vehicle docs.


Driver App

Empower your drivers. Our tools will put your company on the next level, as well as benefit your drivers and their productivity.

Detailed trip surveillance

Send trip and route details to the driver, as well as eventual deliveries

Driver log in and detailed workday

Drivers can certify deliveries via customer's signature, photo of delivery, add comments and observations

Apps for the team

Maximizing team efficiency and allowing for:

Route scheduling with deliveries and tasks for the work team

Track activity completion

Gather insights on your operation

Tracking and positioning

Complete visibility over your business, enabling to see what's going on with your fleet when they are dispatched

Real-time fleet tracking

Individual trip history

Real-time activity notifications

Data overlap: customer location, order deliveries

Order tracking

Track and control deliveries and their completion; identifying percentage to completion per vehicle

Confirmation on deliveries or pickups

Trip sequence with timestamps

Next customer to deliver to and estimated time of arrival

Detail on delivered product


Control Tower

This tool allows for a deep understanding and control of long distance trips. Gather complete insight on every trip or delivery through:

Trip status (Loading, en route, finished)

Tracking of each trip state, as well as timing (On time or late)

Estimated Time of Arrival

Get notified of delays

Delivery Certification

This tool allows for an understanding of sucessfully completed deliveries, or not, together with customer's backup through a signature or photo of delivery

Real-time tracking of sucessful deliveries

Delivery notifications

Detail on delivered product

Payment confirmation as well as payment method

Trip returns report

Driver performance

Driver efficiency analysis through information based on stored historics


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